The Boulder Municipal Council Mayor [Alex Gillespie] gave the go ahead for the
“Goldfields Rod and Custom Club”
To conduct Speedway racing on the Boulder Oval in October 1962 and continued till the time it closed in 1984 when racing moved to the Kalgoorlie International Speedway.
The speedway track lay idle for some years after racing tapered off from the time it was built in the mid 50`s.
Promoters had initially organized Solo,Sidecar,TQ and Midget speed car racing with most of the competitors coming from Claremont Speedway.
World Champion Ove Fundin [Solos] paid the Boulder track a compliment saying at the time that it was the best laid track he`d ridden on.
When the track was re-opened in `62/`63 Hot Rod racing was conducted by a group of local enthusiasts bitten by the bug after seeing this type of racing at Claremont Speedway and tracks at Forrestfield and Wattle Grove.
Using in the main pre war cars found in dealers back yards and around the town. Bearing in mind these cars were now of no value with the motor industry, marketing the Holden and Ford range.
They were stripped of guards,lights and all glass. Some were fitted with with roll cages [Optional] and protective bars for the radiators. Seatbelts were usually army type webbing belts,certainly not quick release.
Crash helmets ranged from motorcyclists “pudding basin” types to army surplus dispatch riders helmets located in a shed full of war surplus gear.
After cutting their teeth on the crude dirt track near the Kalgoorlie/ Boulder airport the Hot Rod drivers had the luxury of a proper oval dirt track. Strangely the racing was run in a clockwise direction
TQ and Stock bike racing also took their place on the starters line.
Some of those names that came to mind in that Hot Rod era are Errol Oliver, Brian King, Peter Sandrini, Ralph King, Bob Pinner, Wally king, Alan “tooey” Little, Jim Forrest, Garry Penn, Tony Caldwell, Bob Thompson, Lyall Gillett ,Mick Symons, Ray Jordan, Maurie Fleay, Frank Curly, Ray Laurance and John Wilyman to name a few.
The next Ten years saw racing change dramatically with the evolution of the Hot Rods to the Production Class cars This was the time the the local back yards were scoured for any tin tops particularly the Holden FJ`s, Zephyrs and Consuls etc.
Guys like Kerry Torpy, Joe Little, Ross O`Dea, [Ross also competed in Supermods & Bikes]Brian Pearce, Mick Sprlyan, Dave Lowick, Frisky Pilkington, Bill Pilgrim, Earl Solberg and others who developed the Production Class predominately in FJ`s.
Modifieds became Super Modifieds and quickly numbers increased with drivers in those early times being Doug Galbraith, John Wilyman, Paul Prideaux, John Hiemstra, Ron Cavazzi, Jim Forrest and Bill Conroy among others.
During this period TQ`s, Stock Bikes and sidecars were well represented, However at this stage we need more information from these groups to add to our history. One name sticks out who from humble beginings at the Boulder Speedway on Stock bikes, progressed to a short stint at Claremont Speedway [Solos] and then to Moto Cross becoming a national champion and that is Graeme Smythe.
The late sixties early seventies heralded an interest in the Speedcars and we saw these cars grow in number and semi professional teams were becoming the norm.
Teams that included Joe Little, Tom Watson, Phil Moore, Kerry Torpy, Keith Littley and John Wilyman.
Tom and Joe continued racing and made a big impact at the Claremont Speedway where Tom had a career spanning 35 years highlighted with many achievements.
It is worth mentioning that John Wilyman who has assisted in recalling a lot of this history has in fact Competed in the following classes over this time Hot Rods, Production Cars, Super Modified’s and Speed cars He also competed in a Simca Aronde driving in the 6Hr at Caversham in the 1300cc class.
Speedway is not only all about drivers, the numerous volunteers and sponsors that help the racing should not be forgotten and people like Charlie Prideaux, Bob Crombie, Bill Purdue, Frank [The Banker] Madalena, Alby Coyle and Reg Adams worked tirelessly to keep things running.
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