Raced at the Boulder speedway from 1971 to 1984
Phil started racing at the age of 22 on the Boulder oval in 1971 after moving to Kalgoorlie from Merredin the day after he got married.
His first race car was a pretty beat up old FB Holden production car, 1 but Phil quickly realised that he needed a little more adrenalin pumping excitement than that old car could give him, so he set his sights on the supermodifieds.1 He then set about building his first supermod which he won many races in, including winning the 1974-’75 closed championship supermodifieds trophy for the season.
His days of racing the supermod came to an abrupt halt ending with a spectacular roll over, 1which basically wiped it out.1 Phil was not hurt in the roll over and not one to be deterred by a little mishap, he then set his sights on the new faster and sleeker sprint cars and went on to build his first of several sprinters to follow.1
Phil was a very notable and popular driver at Boulder and around several other country tracks including Esperance, Kellerberrin, Bunbury and Merredin winning many titles and trophies and gaining the highest point scorer award for several years at Boulder and also came third in the WA state titles at Bunbury one year.
After 10 years of racing sprintcars, Phil decided it was time for a change and he then took on the challenge of building WA’s first Corvette Stingray 1 production car which he raced for 2 years, winning the club championships in the second year and also the first round highest point scorer in the Boulder / Esperance challenge round 1980. After two years of racing the corvette, he decided to go back to his true love, the sprinters and he built his last sprint car which he raced until 1984 when he moved away from Kalgoorlie and down to Rockingham where he lives today.
During his 13 years of racing at Boulder, Phil was president of the Goldfields Speedway association for two years (during the late seventies early eighties I think) and while he was president he arranged for the first American sprintcar and production car teams to come to WA and race at the Boulder oval in a match race against our own drivers. The US sprintcars team headed by Bob Throssle were at the time, some of the top drivers in America including Jack Hewitt, Jack Haudenschild and Tim Green.
Today [2004] 20years later, Phil has rekindled his passion for racing in the form of V6 super cars at Wanneroo raceway (just starting out again) with an old friend and former Boulder Speedway driver of production cars, Frank Panizza.
2009 Phil and his son Brad have built a NOS sprint car which they intend running at the Kwinana Motorplex Next season .
At 60 + yrs young Phil is still involved in motor sport.